RhymeSick Starter Kit


Here's how you rep your nation right! With this package you get one of the first edition RS Charms, a RS Hatpin to rep anywhere any way, any 5 CDs on the website (and can choose from a couple that aren't, such as Tokeymon Cypher with Bernz and Dizzy Wright Cypher) and your choice of either a hat or a RS T-shirt! Order now and send an email to Merchandise@RhymeSick.com or Contact@RhymeSick.com with your choices!! Much love family, stay sick! #RhymeSickNation #StatikG #MonsterCity #Fade #DocSuess #Jeneration #AlpHaMatic #MissBehave #Dizzle

by AlpHaMatic , Dizzle , Doc Suess , Fade , RhymeSick , Statik G , Jeneration , Gem , Mesn , and Monster City ,